Northern Cardinal Fledgling

By | August 4, 2017

This Northern Cardinal Fledgling was on the edge of a birdbath that I have in my yard here in Arkansas. I was actually getting ready to add water to this birdbath when I spotted this fledgling. Another one was on the ground nearby, but it seemed to get upset when I approached so I left it alone.

I was able to photograph this bird from several different angles. The light wasn’t the best so I was having to shoot at a higher ISO than I normally do. I was not using a tripod and I was concerned about my shutter speed, but I think this photo turned out good. Both parents kept an eye on me, but I think they are used to me being around and didn’t seem to get upset. They are regulars at my bird feeder. I really didn’t get very close because I was using a long lens.

Northern Cardinal Fledgling On Birdbath

Northern Cardinal Fledgling – Arkansas

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